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Genesis International Management Group, LLC provides life support, logistics, construction, IT and security services to various private and public entities, including the U.S. Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security. We specialize in emergency response and austere environments where operational constraints are common.

Mission Statement

Genesis’ success is determined by its ability to deliver innovative solutions and quality services to complex challenges, while remaining cost effective and meeting strict project requirements. Our success through service is based on internal and external cooperation, with employees working together to complete project objectives. When employees successfully work as a team, client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Values & Ethics

Genesis works diligently to uphold its founding principles. Our code of values and ethics guides company personnel and affiliates on operational and business conduct:


Safety & Health

Genesis is committed to providing a Safe and Healthy work environment, not only for clients but also for our own personnel and the local communities in which we serve.



Ethical integrity is vital for building trust. Genesis fosters leadership by committing to honesty, accountability and personal responsibility. We operate with the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

mutual respect

Mutual Respect

Genesis fosters a strong culture of teamwork, trust, dignity, communication and mutual respect among its employees.


Customer Satisfaction

Genesis works with clients to provide a fair return on their investment. We use customer feedback to improve service delivery and transparency, and employ cost-performance matrices to measure project execution against projected costs and timelines.

Quality of Service

Genesis will rely on common systems, procedures and policies to maximize efficiency and quality, while remaining flexible to address client-specific needs.



We are committed to long-term development through environmental and social stewardship to improve local communities. Genesis seeks to provide sustainable solutions for our clients, while balancing environmental, social and economic considerations.

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