Integrated Security Services

Closed-circuit television
CCTV Camera or surveillance technology on screen display

Personal Security Details (PSD): Genesis provides armed and unarmed security professionals to protect VIPs and client personnel. PSD security professionals either accompany the primary throughout the day, or can be deployed for special events, such as concerts, high profile meetings and dignitary visits.

Convoy Security Services (CSS): Genesis provides safe point-to-point delivery of assets and personnel with experienced CSS teams, using armored vehicles and executive motorcades. Through In-Transit Visibility (ITV) and communications networks, Genesis can quickly address emergency response and recovery scenarios.

Fixed & Roving Site Security: Genesis executives developed significant experience providing fixed and roving site security during deployments to Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Kyrgyzstan. Genesis Security Officers are armed and unarmed professionals who have completed the necessary training, testing and certification to successfully conduct guard duties, including entry control, vehicle inspections, emergency evacuations, first aid, crime prevention, incident response and detention procedures.

Maritime Training, Protection and Recovery: In working with clients to develop strategies and tactics to reduce the risk of hijacking, Genesis trains crews on defensive and risk mitigation measures; and deploys maritime consultants to accompany vessels en route. Genesis also has consultants available to negotiate the safe release and return of crews, ships and cargo.

Threat Analysis and Counter Insurgency Training: Our Threat Analysis and Counter Insurgency Training Division is broken down into two arenas, international and domestic, to address specific needs in each. The approach is the same for the two arenas: assess current security protocols, identify weaknesses, test for weaknesses and threat response, correct weaknesses, and then reassess. The difference is execution. For clients operating overseas in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq, our focus is more on hardening facilities to withstand and repel terrorist attacks. On the domestic side, the focus is more on surveillance, and protecting facilities and personnel from potential illicit activities while maintaining courteous, cooperative public presence.

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