Training Services & Support


Training must reflect the needs and the dynamics of the customer (Private, Government Agency or Commercial) and the operating environment.

GGC provides highly adaptable training services in the following competencies through our Subject Matter Experts Worldwide. GGC provides these services in a “Mobile Training Team Concept” and also has partnerships with hi-end Training Facilities to host almost any group or level of student.

Our capabilities & services include:

  • Law Enforcement & Military Advisors & Training Subject Matter Experts
  • International Police Pre-deployment Mission Training
  • Host National and Local Guard Force Training
  • Tier One Operator Level Military Combatives
  • Private Security Training (according to DHS, DOD and State level requirements)
  • Basic, Advanced & Tactical Weapons Training
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Security & Safety Awareness in the Field Training
  • Driving Courses (off road; 4×4; defensive and advanced driving)
  • Close Protection (intermediate and advanced)
  • Medical Training (basic, intermediate and advanced, including field trauma management 18 Delta equiv.)
  • VIP & Executive Protection Operations & Training
  • Field Investigator Training
  • Maritime Security and Safety Training
  • Language, Diversity and Cultural Awareness Training

Course descriptions, key personnel and prices available per request

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